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Solar Breeder International

As photovoltaic energy grows worldwide, many countries still rely on fossil fuels’ imports to accommodate their energy demand. Even though there is no lack of fossil fuel reserves, their economic viability and their growing environmental impact reduce the possibility to exploit those resources.
It is mandatory for the World to reduce the exploiting oil and carbon and it has become a bilateral interest to promote de-centralized energy production: international organizations, Institutional and private investors are readier and readier to bring new funds into this global energy transition.
Advanced economies have paid much of the renewable energies’ deployment costs, through consumers’ taxes and increased energy bills. These efforts facilitated the decrease the cost of technologies dramatically, and created for everyone the opportunity to exploit the Sun and the Wind.
Nowadays many countries understand that renewable sources can address their energy needs and create new jobs thanks to a favourable natural and technological environment. However, Governments willing to protect the local employment and economy know that it is not enough to increase the local clean energies generation, nor to build a module production facility: <strong>it is necessary to put efforts for developing an entire value chain of technologies and services</strong>.This is the best way to get the most of the benefits coming from renewable energies.
<strong>The Solar Breeder project has born on these bases.</strong>
An industrial district where small and medium enterprises coming from different countries work together in the same district area.
Solar Breeder a<strong>llows the cooperation between entrepreneurs and the interchange of experiences</strong>: it does not behave as a multinational group willing to sell its products. Large multinational groups create jobs too, but hardly entrepreneurship. Solar Breeder will settle in the markets as an innovation and R&amp;D promoter in the local economies <strong>for a stable and long lasting experience</strong>.
Traditionally, the energy sector is held by few large multinational companies, here is the Third Millennium energy revolution: not only a decentralized energy generation, but also a shared production of components and services for the renewable energies’ deployment.

Giovanni Simoni
CEO and President
Kenergia S.r.l.