Who we are

Who we are

Kenergia Srl
  Founded in 2006, Kenergia operates in photovoltaic and energy efficiency, acting as an “Operating Holding” through several companies.

The company has a deep engineering background and highly qualified management. From the beginning, focus has been on advising, innovation and project design, acting as owner engineer and technical advisor for investors and banks. The development of a PV plant control and monitoring system has pushed the company in entering in the O&M and asset management sector.

Based on the experience in project development and design, today Kenergia is also involved in design and construction of small to mid size distributed PV plants in several Italian regions. The main activities directly performed by Kenergia include:

  • Strategic consultancy services such as Technical Due Diligence, Owner Engineering and investment risk evaluation with the proprietary “K-Rating” method.
  • PV plant design and construction activities including development, design and construction also abroad.
  • Direction and coordination of the activities of the controlled companies.
  • Research and Development for the definition of future group strategies.

Friem SpA
Founded in 1950 to design and manufacture High Power Converters, FRIEM continued to develop its know-how in energy conversion for Industrial, Traction and Renewable Energies applications.

In 1956 FRIEM produced and installed its first 50kA Rectifier Unit for application in Chlor-Alkali industry. At the absolute forefront in technology, in the early 60′s FRIEM was able to manufacture units rated up to 110kA and to design the first high current Thyristor Rectfier.

Service continuity required by the Electrochemical Industry oriented FRIEM’s design towards absolute reliability: quality, safety, latest international standards have always been the base for the design and development of our Equipment.

In order to serve our customers with a wider range of products and solutions, FRIEM has started partnerships and investments with expert Electrotechnical Companies. This strategy gives FRIEM an even stronger Local presence, with offices, workshops and representatives in more than 20 Countries all over the World.

In its 11000 m2 facilities nowadays FRIEM designs, manufactures and delivers all over the World:

  • AC/DC High Power Rectifiers
  • DC/AC High Power Inverters
  • DC/DC High Power Converters
  • AC/AC High Power Converters.

For all the main applications, especially inverters for photovoltaic plants.

Moroni & Partners
Moroni & Partners, one of the largest Italian energy engineering consultants, executes Engineering, Technical Advisory services and Asset Management service.

A team of more than 50 professionals working on renewable energy sources and high energy efficiency systems is able to satisfy the needs of banks, investors, industrial customers, public entities and EPC contractors.

Three business divisions are the pillars of our structure:

  • THE ENGINEERING DIVISION: conducts the permission process, the design, the construction surveillance and the safety of power plants. Furthermore the division offers energy saving solutions in industrial, civil and tertiary sectors.
  • THE TECHNICAL ADVISORY DIVISION: performs consultancy activities and instrumental analyses on operating energy plants, working with major banks and investment funds as well as with investors asking for an independent survey on their investment.
  • THE ASSET MANAGEMENT DIVISION: undertakes a complete plant management, from performance monitoring to management of administrative and fiscal fulfilments related to RES activities.
SAET Padova SpA
Founded in 1956 as an electromechanical company, SAET diversified later its activities by entering the markets of weighing and dosing systems and, since the early 70’s, that one of the industrial automation systems.

In the late 80’s SAET became part of an important multinational group of engineering and plant engineering, acquiring new working methods and the ability to assume responsability for Turn-Key systems supplies, on the international market too. The company has a technical office with modern facilities, a section of automation that develops its own software applications, and a large factory for construction activities.

The research and development, with a traditional partnership with the University of Padua, allows SAET to provide solutions that are technologically advanced. SAET’s Operations are divided into these main areas: Energy, Process and Handling.

SAET develops Systems and Turn-Key supplies based on the following core competencies:

  • HV Substations, MV-LV Distribution Systems, Protection Metering & Control Systems
  • Weighing & Dosing systems, internal Handling systems
  • PLC & DCS control systems, SCADA systems

During more than 50 years, SAET accumulated an important expertise into the areas of Energy, Cement, Iron&Steel and Raw materials, often collaborating with Engineering & Contracting companies and always taking care of the Customer Satisfaction.

Azimut Srl
Azimut srl was founded in Gambugliano, Vicenza, in 2005. One year later, when photovoltaic was barely present on the Italian market, Azimut began the assembly of photovoltaic modules with a first production line.

With the second “ContoEnergia” (Italian incentive mechanism for photovoltaic and thermal solar) in 2007 and in the following years, the company worked in order to increase its production capacity, to mechanize production lines, to increase the number of customers and to strengthen relationships with the historical ones.

Even if it’s a young company, Azimut can take pride in a very long presence and experience in the production of photovoltaic modules in Italy. Azimut, photovoltaic manufacturer, ensures with its “poly and mono crystalline” photovoltaic modules a power range from 50 Wp to 340 Wp. Moreover, the company is able to meet all the customer’s specific needs thanks to the expertise of highly skilled staff and the flexibility of the production lines.

Kenergia Sviluppo S.r.l.
Kenergia Sviluppo offers the highest quality service for plant control, monitoring, operation, maintenance and security.

The advantages offered by Kenergia Sviluppo are:

  • Independency from plant constructors
  • Proprietary plant remote control and monitoring system
  • Technological know-how on plant performance and PV technology gained through years of independent and specialized technical assistance to international investors and banks
  • Leading management team
  • Solid and reliable partnerships for a 360° service
  • Quality certifiction ISO 9001
  • R&D

Kenergia Group has developed a sophisticated independent remote control and monitoring system for PV plants, constantly updated in Rome laboratories.

KCS is a web based software platform that is able to elaborate data coming from any existing SCADA system installed on PV plants.

Raptech Srl
Global Energy Srl
Global Energy Srl is a dynamic up-and-coming company, which operates in the electrical service systems and renewable Energy sector.

It carries out work in both the private and public sectors, designing and installing:

  • Residential and medium-large photovoltaic systems;
  • Public lighting;
  • Medium and low voltage power grids (with ENEL – Italian Electricity Board – qualification);
  • MV/LV transformers stations;
  • Building services installations for non-industrial sectors;
  • Building services installations for industrial sectors;
  • Safety systems (intrusion detection, video-surveillance, fire detection, etc.);
  • Data transmission system (structured wiring and data networks);
  • Telephone systems (distribution networks and customer installations);

The company is SOA certified (cat. class IIIBIS – OG10 class III – OS30 class III), ISO 9001:2008 certified and is an approved supplier of ENEL DISTRIBUZIONE Spa for the design and installation of power grids (low and medium voltage) and street and decorative lighting.

The company has a large fleet of vehicles, equipment and public works vehicles and machines for excavation work.